The Service Professionals Network #SPN Project

The Service Professionals Network #SPN Project

The Service Professionals Network or SPN project is a networking initiative designed to help people build their brand and raise awareness for charities.

I'm glad that I'm not a "LinkedIn Expert"

I changed this person's name, because this person's name is meaningless. It's the attitude that needs to be called out. I will never claim to be a

SPN is proud to bring FYI.TO you

Build your business for free and get fast SEO results with FYI.TO. As many of you know I am an internet geek. I like to see how things work online. I

Reputation Over Money Any Day

There are very few things that you can take with you when you leave this world. You can take the love that you generate and your integrity unless

If it were easy...

You know you had a great coach, or teacher in your life should the phrase "if it were easy everyone would do it" makes you smile; because you remember

There is a 'We' in the word Power for a reason!

I remember my first day on LinkedIn last October. I didn't fill out my profile, or do anything, but read the privacy policy, terms & conditions, and

How To Anger A Social Media Giant:

I never like to refer to myself as a social media expert, or an influencer, because the reality is that I have a lot yet to learn and there are

So you want to be a social media expert.

Do you want to be a LinkedIn expert, life coach, or social media guru? Want to be more awesome than you were yesterday? Want the secret on how to

There is always more to the story.

When I was much younger there was a giant nationwide corporation that let me talk to them about their credit card processing needs. Their biggest

Want To Know Why I Love My Haters?

They make me better. It's a pretty simple answer and I suppose you could stop reading there to get the whole point that I am trying to make, but it's

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