Read the #SPN book review of #BREAKTHROUGH by Doyle Buehler. Learn how to become a better digital marketer and social media influencer. Doyle has a lot of experience as a business leader, speaker...

BREAKTHROUGH By Doyle Buehler: Book Review By SPN

Learn what the Service Professionals Network has to say about BREAKTHROUGH by Doyle Buehler. Read what Mike O'Connor with SPN thinks about the digital marketing book BREAKTHROUGH by social media and busines expert Doyle Buehler.

Sharing Is Caring: Service Professionals Network Loves Social Sharing

Sharing is caring is a term you will see a lot on social media due to power social sharing brings to any brand. The #SPN groups are a social media networking project with a focus on helping entrepreneurs and non-for-profits. Join the #SPN groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Pius.